Our Efforts During These Uncertain Times

During strange and uncertain times like these it can be very easy to fall into negative “what if” type thinking. As the situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19) evolves, it is becoming more evident than ever that while we can’t always control external factors, we can certainly work to rein in the ‘internal’ and how we choose to process thoughts, fears and anxieties around the unknown.

Although it’s not always easy, we are working at making the conscious decision to change our “what if” thoughts from the negative, to the positive. To work at answering those questions in ways we can continue to operate in a manor that supports efforts surrounding our current global situation, and, to the best of our ability, be a blessing in the process.

To that end, we have implemented the following measures starting first and foremost with the health and safety of our team, all of whom work in self isolation from home. From production, to fulfillment, to advertising and operations. We are taking social and physical distancing recommendations very seriously.

Inventory Production: We are proud of our talented team of Canadian based sewers. Our sewers all operate in self isolation from their homes, and we have implemented contactless drop off and pick up measures for materials and finished product.

Fulfillment and Shipping:  As with production, we, as well as our shipping partners have also implemented contactless drop and pick up measures for all outgoing orders and continue to work hard at releasing your orders as quickly as possible.

Supporting Those Who Support Us: We have all heard how vital it is to limit or avoid touching our face. For those with long hair this includes keeping your hair pulled back and this couldn’t be more important than for our nurses. To our Nurses on the front lines, selflessly working to keep us healthy – Thank you!

We have donated scrunchies to several hospitals for their nursing staff. As there is only so much we’re able to donate for free, we have decided to launch an ongoing discount program offering exclusive savings to our nurses. We want to help you, comfortably and securely keep your hair pulled back. For details on this, please visit our ‘Nurse Discount + FAQ’ page located in the footer of our site, here.

Stay tuned on our social channels for more as we continue to make efforts to support our customers.  

xo, Chelsea King Team

Further Updates!

In addition to our efforts above we have opened up our 'Healthcare Heroes Program' to accept a much broader subset of front-line heroes and are endeavoring to continue free care package shipments of our products as well with our 'Together Spreading Joy' campaign. For more on both, please visit these links below.