Atelier Coco Knit Scrunchie - Petite
Atelier Coco Knit Scrunchie - Petite
Atelier Coco Knit Scrunchie - Petite

Atelier Coco Knit Scrunchie - Petite

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This Collection is all about exquisite textures and unexpected styles. Known for their chic ways of mixing casual with dress-up pieces, these Parisian-inspired hair accessories are the perfect way to elevate any outfit this holiday season.
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Care Instructions

Care Instructions

Following the brief description of our elastic and fabrics, please see below for recommended care instructions.


We use the highest grade proprietary blend of natural cotton and rubber elastic.   Our elastic is chlorine resistant and designed to withstand wash and dryer cycles.


Our fabrics are sourced from domestic suppliers with a focus on high quality, luxe designs.  While some of our materials are well suited for repeat wash and dryer cycles, many are not.  Please take care in reviewing the below instructions.  It’s important to note that damage to an item resulting from an attempt to clean is the responsibility of the customer.


Play it safe

As a primary cleaning tip, we recommend spot cleaning as needed. We have also found that a Tide to Go Pen works well in most cases. 

Spot cleaning not cutting it?

If your hair tie or scrunchie is really dirty, we recommend hand washing in cold to lukewarm water with a little shampoo or gentle detergent.  Rinse thoroughly, squeeze out excess water and lay flat to dry.  If you must put it in the washing machine, we recommend putting it in a delicates bag, and washing on a delicate cycle with like colours.  Lay flat to dry.

Note: All fabrics react differently to wear and washing.  Both may result in some colour fading over time.

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